Animal Wranglers 



Animal Wranglers - New and Exciting Show

A Horsemanship exhibition which turns into a hilarious sequence of organised chaos! These shows can include a horsemanship demonstration on how to get your horse working with you and gain its trust. It is filled with trick horses and mules, performing dogs, ducks, pigs, bullocks and lots of comedy and laughs supplied by Bazza the clown. The latest additions to their Show include Whipstick, the ‘non-equine’ horse, who delights the crowd with his many antics, and Macca the shy stable hand who is trying to ease his way into the show. Bazza the clown has also added a new element to the show, Jet, a cross between an Australian stockhorse and a Holden brumby ute! Barney the Brahman and Lachie attempt to keep Bazza and Jet from causing too much trouble which needs to be seen to be believed.

Animal Wranglers

Location: Presidents Arena

Times: TBA