In six years The Camden Show Society in conjunction with the Camden Hospital Auxiliary has contributed a massive $41,200 to the Camden Hospital. Additionally, the Camden Show Society contributes annually to many other community organisations in the Camden area. The Rotary Club, Rural Fire Service, SES, and NSW Fire Brigade, Razorback Rovers and the Sarah Hilt Foundation - to name a few.

In 2013, over $47,000 was contributed to Community and Charitable organisations. And over the last 4 years, the Camden Show Society has given back over $160,000! Not a bad effort from a volunteer, not for profit organisation such as The Camden Show Society.

Our thanks go out to the hundreds of individuals and numerous businesses that contributed to this effort, it shows the true value of community support to a volunteer organisation such as the Camden Show Society and the Camden Hospital Auxiliary. It also shows that the Camden Community is still a truly supportive and cohesive community.

Camden Show... ‘Still a Country Show’ Camden... ‘Still a Country Community’

Organisers are hoping for and even better result next year!