As a special feature for 2012, we would like to introduce a Poet’s Smoko. This will be held in the “History and Education Area” beside the Drovers Camp. Dennis “Dingo” Dryden will be the MC and co-ordinate the event. Patrons of the Show are invited to perform “walk up” poems on Saturday 24th March at 10.30 am. Original Poems must keep introductions to a minimum. Recitals a maximum of 10 verses. Prizes available and there will be an MC’s Choice Award for the best Poem. Please spread the word to anyone you know who may be interested as we would like to make this inaugural event a great success.


If you are interested in attending, please contact the Camden Show Office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 02 4655 8338 to register your interest.

Winner of the inaugural Competition in 2011 was Richard Warren


PERFORMANCE TIMES: SATURDAY 10.30am at the Drovers Camp, Heritage Lane