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The Showgirl Contest had its beginning in 1962, when Miss Helen Crace was our first Showgirl. She has been followed over the years by a group of young ladies who have brought honour to the Society and Credit to themselves. Since the beginning some 250 girls have faced the Judge, to use a Show term. A number have gone on to win the Zone Final and indeed some have placed in the judging at the R.A.S. Our best results were Fiona Wilson and Margie Roser achieving first runner up at Sydney Royal Easter Show in 1980 and 2002 respectively. In 2011 Hilary Scott went on to win the Sydney Royal Easter Showgirl. Kate Boardman was the Runner Up in 2015 at the Sydeny Royal Show. The Camden Showgirl is judged each year on the day of the Camden Show Ball.




1962 Helen Crace
1963 Helen Crace
1964 Sue Mason
1965 Barbara Duck
1966 Dawn Dowle
1967 Jenny Rock
1968 Heather Mills
1969 Michelle Chambers
1970 Joyce Boardman
1971 Anne Macarthur-Stanham
1972 Kerri Webb
1973 Anne Fahey
1974 Sue Faber
1975 Janelle Hore
1976 Jenny Barnaby
1977 Patsy Anne Daley
1978 Julie Wallace
1979 Sandra Olieric

1980 Fiona Wilson
1981 Louise Longley
1982 Melissa Clowes
1983 Illa Eagles
1984 Leanne Reily
1985 Rebecca Py
1986 Jenny Rawlinson

1987 Jayne Manns

1988 Monique Mate
1989 Linda Drinnan
1990 Tai Green
1991 Toni Leeman
1992 Susan Lees
1993 Belinda Bettington
1994 Miffy Haynes
1995 Danielle Halfpenny
1996 Jenianne Garvin
1997 Michelle Dries

1998 Belinda Holyoake
1999 Lyndall Reeves
2000 Katie Rogers
2001 Kristy Stewart
2002 Margaret Roser
2003 Sally Watson
2004 Danielle Haack
2005 Arna Daley
2006 Victoria Travers
2007 Sarah Myers
2008 Fiona Boardman
2009 Lauren Elkins
2010 Adrianna Mihajlovic
2011 Hilary Scott

2012 April Browne

2013 Isabel Head

2014 Jacinda Webster

2015 Kate Boardman

2016 Danielle Rodney